If you are interested in volunteering at Central Health Care, fill out the form below. Thanks!

To volunteer and make a difference in the life of older adult, please call Tammy at 507-357-2275.

You can also fill out the online volunteer form to the right!

More than 50 volunteers, or associates, play a significant role here every day.

They spend time with residents and assist staff with everyday task, special projects, and events. 

Volunteer individually or form a group consisting friends, co-workers, or church members. We also have student volunteers, which is a great way for younger people to build fascinating relationships.

"Who will comfort those who are all alone at the end of their long journey?"

"Who will hold the hand of those who grieve for a loved one lost?"

Who gives a smile to those who have not had companionship in a long time?"

                    A Volunteer